BMW X6 M 2013 Model Year

BMW X6 M 2013 white color
BMW X6 M 2013 white color
The BMW X6 M 2013, with its style of chopped-roof crossover is an amalgamation known as "Sports Activity Coupe". The BMW X6 is famed for its absurd automotive structure which may not appeal to the taste of everyone.

However the X6 M, with a few modifications by BMW in the original design was designed to create a model for the year 2013. The BMW X6 M comes equipped with an extremely powerful engine, a twist in the car's design with the introduction of Matchbox-like wheels, several goodies to speed up the vehicle and a high performance variant.

Driving notes

Amongst the slight modifications made by BMW are the "M Blue" colour painted brake calipers, slight aesthetic tweaks in the signature kidney grille of BMW, fitting of the front sport seats without any additional charges, the introduction of the power hood bulge similar to the one in the now out-of-date BMW X6 Active Hybrid, and the improvements made in the headlights. Moreover, the dealer accessories also known as the additional options include the carbon fiber components and the M graphics.

The BMW X6 M has a horsepower of 555 and a torque of 500 pound-feet. It has a 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged engine. Furthermore, this five-passenger CUV can drive up to 60 m/h in 4.5 seconds. Its features include a stable all-wheel drive and enormous tires that provide it with a grip as tight as that of a gecko at the same time it possesses a suspension tuning that aids in maintaining composure even on exigent roads.

The 5,324-pound X6 M no doubt is an amazing drive. In spite of its extreme performance the BMW X6 M is thought of as a single-purpose vehicle and its numerous fallbacks do not help build its reputation either. The excessive drag coefficient of 0.38, an engine which is fuel thirsty, and a curb weight that is very high do not win the car any extra points. The estimated fuel requirement for the BMW X6 M is 12 miles per gallon city as claimed by the EPA.

Undoubtedly the twin-turbocharged BMW X6 M is a true pleasure drive with the appealing features of the thick steering wheel and reinforced sport seats along with the superior seating positions to create the perfect driving environment and mindset for the driver. The underpinnings of the X6 M are so well-tuned that they provide a mass-defying liveliness to contribute to a gratifying driving experience.

Mainly due it's the high fuel consumption rate, the BMW X6 M is expensive but its basic price is also not a low one. The starting price of this supreme driving machine is $93,795 including destination. The 2013 X6 M by BMW is well appreciated for the powerful engine under its hood regardless, of its many apparently unappealing and absurd features. Sadly, it can be afforded by the prosperous lot only.
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