All Fiat 500 Production Moving to Poland in 2015?

Fiat 500 Abarth 2012 white color
Fiat 500 Abarth 2012 white color
As the automobile style is entering into a new generation, Fiat is in the business with its new Fiat 500 which is expected to come in 2015. The news that is of concern here is that there is a chance that the production of this smart little monster will be merged into a single polish plant.

European automotive news being the source, it is said that the production of Fiat is likely going to be ceased in the Mexican plant located in Toluca, reason being that this is more suitable to cope with the European production needs. So they are freeing up more North American capacity and planning to create identical Fiat 500 design for all markets.

At present Fiat is dealing with the two models of 500 which are mechanically same but structurally different, to target European and North American market. One of the model is assembled at Tychy, Poland assembly plant. With the shifting of all the production to the Polish plant, it is expected that the development and the production cost will be decreased, it is expected according to the source. This will also help to fill up the capacity gap that recently occurred in the Tychy plant that has built just 300,000 units as compared to the unit production in 2009 which was more than double of the above mentioned figure. According to reports, as the Chrysler's North American production is reaching its limit, Fiat plants located in Europe will be used to meet the production demand, meanwhile a new plant is being built at North America. As far as Toluca is concerned, it is difficult to say that what replacements Chrysler will offer for Fiat 500, as it also produce Dodge Journey.
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