Key Events in the History of the Audi

HORCH - The Beginning of a Legend (1899-1932)

August Horch
August Horch
1899 - Founding of August Horch & Co. on November 14 in Cologne - Germany.
1901 - Journey debut with the first building model itself.
1902 - Founding of August Horch & Co. Motor - und Motorwagenbau on March 3 in the town of Reichenbach - Germany.
1904 - Company headquarters August Horch & Co. moved to Zwickau; transformation to August Horch Motowagenwerke AG.
1909 - Horch leaves the board and start another company. Prohibited from using his own name again, he chooses Audi, the translation into Latin term which means "hark!" In German.
1920 - The majority of the shares of Horch Werke Ag were acquired by Dr. Moritz Strauss, the company's largest shareholder aviation engines Argus Flugmotorenwerke Gmbh, Berlin.
In the second half of 1920, production capacity increased from four units (1925) to twelve units (1928).
1927 - Manufacture almost exclusively of eight-cylinder models.
In late 1920, Horch becomes quality concept.
1932 - Establishment of Auto Union, which absorbs Horch factories.

The birth of AUDI (1909-1932)

1909 - The factory was founded on July 16 by August Horch. Initially it is registered under the name August Horch Automobilewerke Gmbh in the town of Zwickau - Germany.
1910 - On April 10, the company changed its name to Audi Werke GmbH, with headquarters in Zwickau. In July comes the first Audi factory in Zwickau.
1915 - The Audi is considered a medium-sized company compared with its rivals.
1921 - The Audi shows the first time a German passenger vehicle standard with steering on the left.
1928 - On 20 and 21 August, JS Rasmussen acquired a majority stake in Audi Werke AG.
1929 - JS Rasmussen acquired the remaining shares. The asset value was 2.6 million DM.
1930 - Development of a small vehicle with DKW motorcycle engine.
1932 - On June 29, the company was liquidated and integrated Auto Union AG.

WANDERER - first two, then four wheels (1855-1932)

Wanderer bike
Wanderer bike
1885 - Founding of Chemnitzer-Velociped-Depot Winklhofer & Jaenicke.
1887 - Adoption of the name Wanderer bikes for the company.
1900 - Start of production tools for machinery.
1902 - Began production of motorcycles.
1905 - First automobile manufacturing tests.
1913 - Began production of cars Wanderer.
1929 - Sale of factory bikes. Porsche develops racing cars for Wanderer.
1932 - On January 1, the Wanderer Auto Union leased for its car division in Siegmar, near Chemnitz, for a period of 10 years.


DKW - steam releases (1904-1932)

1904 - Foundation of the Company Ernst & Rasmussen in the city of Chemnitz armor to manufacture steam escape.
1916 - Experiments with steam vehicles.
1917 - Product ID: DKW (steam-powered vehicle).
1922 - The DKW becomes a trademark for engines and motorcycles.
1928 - is the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world and begins car production DKW.
1932 - 29 June junction with companies HORCH Wesken AG, AUDI AG Werken, car division WANDERER Werke AG, for the creation of AUTO UNION AG in Chemnitz.

AUTO UNION (1945-1962)

Auto Union
Auto Union
1945 - The Soviet military dismantled and expropriated plants of Auto Union in Saxony as war reparations. Creating the central warehouse of Auto Union - Ingolstadt, December 19. Capital: 50,000 DM. Annual turnover: 3 million DM.
1947 - On March 25, the first foundation Auto Union AG in Chemnitz. Capital: 200,000 DM.
1948 - On August 17, the Auto Union AG in Chemnitz no longer part of the local registry.
1948 - Later this year, the Auto Union Gmbh bought shares of the stock.
1949 - On September 3, the second was established Auto Union GmbH in Ingolstadt with capital of 3 million DM.
1951 - In January, capital was increased to 5.5 million DM.
1958 - On April 24, the Daimler-Benz AG acquires 87.8% equity.
1962 - Daimler-Benz decided to withdraw from the Auto Union.
1962 - The Volkswagen purchased Auto Union for 300 million DM.

NSU - A charming story (1873-1938)

Audi milestone
Audi milestone
1873 - Founded by Christian Schmidt and Heinrich Stoll as knitting machine factory in Riedlingen.
1880 - Transfer of the company to Neckarsulm.
1886 - Began production of bicycles (model Germania).
1892 - End production of knitting machines.
1901 - Began production of bicycles. Production of automobiles.
1913 - Founding of Neckarsulmer Fahrzeugwerke. AG on February 10, with a capital of 3.6 million marks.
1920/21 - First new cars manufactured after the war.
1927 - On March 16, the NSU is founded Vereignigte Fahrzeugwerke AG. Capital: 12.5 million DM.
1928 - End of automobile production.
1932 - On September 3, the NSU is founded Vereignigte Fahrzeugwerke Rad AG.
1938 - On June 8, NSU Werke AG. Capital: 3.6 million DM. The production of motorcycles and bicycles came in the second half of the 20s, the number of 20,000 per year. The number of employees was approximately 4,000 employees.
1938 - Founding of NSU Werke AG
1957 - Resumption of car production at NSU.
1960 - August 6, creation of AUDI NSU AUTO UNION with a capital of 27 million DM.
1963 - sold the production facilities for bicycles.
1965 - The Volkswagen takes the NSU. At the same time it decided to merge with affiliate AUTO UNION GmbH in Ingolstadt.
1966 - Is suspended the manufacture of motorcycles.

AUDI NSU (1965-1984)

1965 - On January 1, Volkswagen AG takes over 50.3% of Auto Union. In September, begins producing the Audi Auto Union with four-stroke engine and 72 hp.
1969 - On March 10, begin negotiations for a merger with NSU Auto Union AG Gmbh.
1969 - Birth of Audi NSU Auto Union AG on 21 August in Neckarsulm.
1977 - In March, the end of the manufacturing occurs the NSU Ro80. From this moment, is no longer used as the name NSU brand products.
1985 - On January 1, Audi NSU Auto Union AG has been renamed AUDI AG.

AUDI (1985-1998)

Audi logo
Audi logo
1985 - On January 1, Audi NSU Auto Union AG has been renamed AUDI AG. Occurs the transfer of its corporate headquarters from Neckarsulm to Ingolstadt.
1986 - Launch of the Audi 80 with fully galvanized body and 10-year warranty against corrosion.
1986 - In December, the inauguration of the center of Ingolstadt factory quality. This center met all quality control departments.
1988 - With the Audi V8, the Audi performs the first step in the premium class car. This model combines numerous technical innovations such as permanent four-wheel drive, four-valve technology and the electronic exchange of four-speed automatic.
1988 - It placed the first direct injection diesel engine in a passenger vehicle series, the Audi 80.
1989 - In the fall (European), is presented at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt the Audi 100 with a 2.5 liter TDI engine.
1989 - In November, sales records after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent reunification of Germany.
1991 - Creation of the marketing department in Ingolstadt, previously addressed in conjunction with Audi and Volkswagen in Wolfsburg.
1993 - The Audi A8 is presented at the International Motor Show with its aluminum body system Space Frame.
1994 - Opening of Audi engine plant in Gyor / Hungary.
1998 - Birth of the TT Coupe.
2002 - Walter de Silva recruited by Audi.
2006 - Audi rewrites its history in automobile competitions when the R10 TDI became - became the first diesel car, which won the most difficult race in the world, the 24 of Le Mans.
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