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The Chevrolet Volt is known as e-REV, also known as the electric range extender vehicle. Therefore, the drivers are able to achieve the different benefits typical in an electric automobile, without imposing any drawbacks of such cars. Capable of driving up to around 50 miles by drawing power only from batteries made from lithium-ion, it is a sister car to the Vauxhall Ampera. Once the power in the batteries is used, it is able to go up to 500 km, through the usage of the petrol generator that is installed on-board, which keeps the level of the batteries high. It comes in one body style, which includes a hatchback that is five doors.

This car is styled in such a way that it is made very aerodynamic. For this reason, it has bumpers that are ultra-low, with side windows that are sculpted, as well as a rounded front end. You would not find it as outstanding as its counterpart which is Vauxhall Ampera, but it definitely has more substance than the other competitor in the market, which is known as the Toyota Prius. Many people will not find the chrome alloy wheels to taste, and the car is available only in one version. The design inside is quite futuristic, which has a fitted leather interior, along with colorful LCD displays that show a wide range of information, regarding the consumption of energy and speed.

The dash controls are integrated into a white-colored panel that is touch-sensitive, present on the center console. You would find that when it is running on electricity, the Volt would not produce any sound, even when it turns the front wheels. It is also highly responsive, because of the instant availability of 370 Nm of torque. The gearbox would prove to be smooth, along with the powerful steering. While at your corner, you may feel the additional weight of the batteries, but you would also see that the grip is extraordinary, making this Chevy a very good cruiser. When the 1.4 liter petrol generator kicks in after the battery has stopped running is quite smooth and flawless. However, the engine may produce sound, if you are too heavy when it comes to throttle. The accelerator is not directly connected to the engine, which may be difficult to get comfortable at the beginning.

According to Euro NCAP in crash tests, this car was able to attain a five-star safety rating, meaning that it performed well in all the different areas, including pedestrian protection, as well as child protection. The battery is also safe, since it performs 10 checks after every second. It is also sealed beneath the car within its own structure. Since the technology is relatively new, the company is able to offer an eight-year warranty on the batteries. You would find the built to be quite solid, as well. Therefore, you can rest assured that the company has provided you the best, along with keeping your future protection in mind, while preserving the resale value.

Because of the battery, many of the cars have little luggage space, but because of the Volt's T-shaped design, this problem is also eliminated. The glass rear hatch is able to open wide enough, so that the bigger objects can be easily loaded. It is a four seater, but passengers can be quite comfortable in the rear seats. The parcel shelf is not that good, because it is made up of fabric, instead of plastic. This car is definitely a viable family car.

A table of all modifications of Chevrolet model Volt

Total modifications: 2
Model name Body type Door Po- wer Trans- mission 0-100 km Max spd Fuel Fuel rate
Chevrolet Volt 2011 - PRESENT
  5 86 hp Variator 9.0 s 160 km Petrol 1.2 l
  5 86 hp Variator 9.0 s 160 km Petrol 1.2 l
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