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Between 1948 to 1990, the French car manufacturer Citroen produced a car, which was economical and it was named as a Citroen 2CV. Even though it was designed with more innovation and advanced technology, the quality of underlying engineering was not the best one and it was failed to fulfill the real quality. This is because of the uncompromised and unconventional looks it had and the inspired bodywork as deceptive one. This car was designed to make the French farmers to use car instead of horses and carts for their travel. It was treated as one of the most iconic cars of Citroen. In a technical review of the Autocar, this car was described as the extraordinary one because of the ingenious design and the most original design since the Model T Ford, in 1953.

It was described as a car with application of minimalism that too as the intelligent one by Car Magazine journalist and author L. J. K. Setright. This car had the features of low fuel consumption, versatility, low cost, simplicity of use and maintenance, reliability and off-road driving. All these things had been done easily because of the easily serviceable engine, a car-wide canvas sunroof for oversized loads that covered with the boot, light and extremely soft long travel suspension high ground clearance with adjustments.

Between 1948 and 1990 for 42 years, there were 3,872,583 2CVs produced. The small 2CV delivery vans model was produced at the rate of 1,246,306. Apart from these, the vehicles that were identical to 2CV produced including the Mehari: 144,593; the Ami: 1,840,396; the Acadiane: 253,393; the Dyane: 1,444,583 that gave the grand total of 8,756,688 and as of January 2013, 3,382 vehicles between them still on the road in the UK.

The production of 2CV cars had started in Mangualde in Portugal rather than in France, from 1988. It was continued until the production of 2CV closed. When the production of cars was winding down, the Portuguese started to build the cars because of the reputation in the UK for the well made. Compared to the plant that was in Levallosis near Paris, Portuguese plant was more-up-to-date one with the highest quality standards.

A table of all modifications of Citroen model 2CV

Total modifications: 3
Model name Body type Door Po- wer Trans- mission 0-100 km Max spd Fuel Fuel rate
Citroen 2CV 1980 - 1987
6 Charleston
  4 29 hp 4, Manual 35.0 s 115 km Petrol 0.0 l
Citroen 2CV 1970 - 1987
6 Club
  4 29 hp 4, Manual 35.0 s 115 km Petrol 0.0 l
6 Special
  4 29 hp 4, Manual 35.0 s 115 km Petrol 0.0 l
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