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There was a small family car designed by Fiat based on the commercial vehicle and similar to the chief rivals of it including the Citroen Nemo Multispace, the Peugeot and the Bipper Tepee namely as the Fiat Qubo. This would probably show that, this model was the best practical choice for the transportation of your family and their luggage. It was also treated as the model, which was cheap and robust one. But, the main disadvantage of this design was lacking of the charm and unpleasantly Spartan one. The model has been designed with the reasonably good interior quality and equipment levels with the capable engine range. If you go through the engine range as not spectacular one, then there was nothing to deny with the fantastic practicality of the Qubo. The main reason was the capability of providing DIY projects, furniture moves, holidays and trips to the recycling in the stride of center. Even though it came up with many disadvantageous things, you would probably go through the driving experience like car and comfort one.

In the later 1998, there were the established styled family cars and one was by the Fiat with the original Multipla and the legacy was continued by the Qubo. When you consider about the design of Qubo, it wouldn't get the remark as beautiful or elegant by the people. But, the model was produced with the honest functionality to its gawky and the boxy shape that would provide the best appeal. The road presence had been got by this model through the chunky wheel arches and side moldings. It was designed with the roof rails as the practical addition along with the visual finishing touch for the exterior of the car. Because of the huge glass area and the commercial origins with the legacy, driver and passengers can be able to go through the fantastic view of the road ahead and around in a better way. When you consider about the inside design, it was dominated by the appealing circular design motifs and the robust plastics.

The Qubo not treated as the car that people can buy because of the performance credentials. This car was provided the customers with the choice of 1.3 liter Multijet diesel or the 1.4 liter petrol engine. When you consider about the suitable engine of this car depending on the characters, it would be better to go with the diesel engine that can provide the low-grunt as the reasonable amount. This would probably make you get rid of the up-hills or junctions even the Qubo was fully loaded with luggage or passengers. The main disappointment of this car was a five-speed manual gearbox. Because of the tall body and soft suspension of the Fiat, when you attempt to go with the spirited cornering it would probably end up with the grappling of body roll in a reliable manner. The car was designed in order to offer the fair and smooth ride and it performed well on the motorway run of long-distance.

Compared to more conventional family-car rivals, the Qubo model was a bit lacking in the safety equipment and it was based on the Fiorino van. All these models were designed with the standard front and side airbags with the optional electronic stability control. When you consider about the score of Qubo in the Euro NCAP test, it still haven't received any. But, this model is similar to the sister model the Citroen Nemo that scored three out of five starts in the Euro NCAP test. The Qubo was designed with the more promising and efficient reliability with the commercial underpinnings, which were designed and engineered well in order to put with a lot of harsh use. The engine of this model can be used anywhere with the Fiat range and hence it was proven as good one in its range.

When you consider about the practicality, the van-derived family cars were treated as the best one and the Fiat Qubo was the perfect model with such quality. Compared to the biggest upmarket estate cars, it would probably provide you with the luggage area as 2,500 liter with the rear seat as down-way. Even though the seats were in place, it can provide up to 330 liter and hence the legroom and exceptional head can be enjoyed by the passengers in a reliable way. The access of vast cabin of Qubo became as easy one because of the sliding doors that too in park spaces of tight multi-storied. The design picture of the car was completed by the plentiful cabin storage and the deep glove box. But, there was also an inconvenience in this model in the form of the large rear tailgate, which was in need of a lot of space to be opened fully for the better and efficient traveling experience.

A table of all modifications of Fiat model Qubo

Total modifications: 14
Model name Body type Door Po- wer Trans- mission 0-100 km Max spd Fuel Fuel rate
Fiat Qubo 2011 - PRESENT
1.3 Multijet 16v 75 Actual
  5 75 hp 6, Semi automatic 16.2 s 155 km Diesel 4.1 l
1.3 Multijet 16v 95 MyLife
  5 95 hp 5, Manual 16.2 s 170 km Diesel 4.1 l
1.4 8v MyLife
  5 73 hp 5, Manual 16.2 s 155 km Petrol 6.6 l
Fiat Qubo 2010 - PRESENT
1.4 77 Natural Power Actual
  5 70 hp 5, Manual 17.5 s 149 km Gas 5.2 l
1.4 8v Actual
  5 73 hp 5, Manual 16.2 s 155 km Petrol 6.6 l
Fiat Qubo 2010 - 2011
1.3 Multijet 16v 75 Dynamic
  5 75 hp 5, Semi automatic 16.2 s 155 km Diesel 4.4 l
1.3 Multijet 16v 95 Actual
  5 95 hp 5, Manual 16.2 s 155 km Diesel 4.3 l
1.3 Multijet 16v 95 Dynamic
  5 95 hp 5, Manual 16.2 s 155 km Diesel 4.3 l
1.4 8v Trekking
  5 73 hp 5, Manual 16.2 s 155 km Petrol 7.0 l
Fiat Qubo 2010 - 2010
1.3 Multijet 16v 75 Actual
  5 75 hp 5, Manual 0.0 s 155 km Diesel 4.4 l
Fiat Qubo 2009 - 2010
1.3 Multijet 16v 75 Active
  5 75 hp 5, Manual 0.0 s 155 km Diesel 4.4 l
1.3 Multijet 16v 75 Dynamic
  5 75 hp 5, Manual 0.0 s 155 km Diesel 4.4 l
1.4 8v Active
  5 73 hp 5, Manual 16.2 s 155 km Petrol 7.0 l
Fiat Qubo 2008 - 2011
1.4 8v Dynamic
  5 73 hp 5, Manual 16.2 s 155 km Petrol 7.0 l
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