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In the year of 1964, the first model of the Ford Mustang was introduced in the market and that too as the 1965 model. This model was designed as the small muscle by Ford and released in order to offer response to the first muscle car that was introduced by the Pontiac in the early 1960s. Since there was the trend rose among people for getting through the high performance cars vehicles, Ford started to produce the Mustang model with that capability to meet with all needs and launched that in the market. This car was also known as the model with pony design, which was used as the compact passenger car chassis. After the generation of new trends in the muscle cars, there were also other pony cars launched in the market.

When you consider about the followers of the Ford Mustang, most of them had big names in the industry in providing the pony car and even the people came with the trend of the Pontiac muscle car. The followers of this vehicle were included the companies such as AMC, Chevrolet, Mercury and also some other companies. Today, the only pony car that is continuing with the production is the Ford Mustang as the best one. There were also two other models available with longer survival, including the Camaro from Chevrolet and the Firebird model of the Pontiac, which was stopped out the production in 2002 because of the successor models.

A table of all modifications of Ford model Mustang

Total modifications: 2
Model name Body type Door Po- wer Trans- mission 0-100 km Max spd Fuel Fuel rate
Ford Mustang 1998 - 2003
  2 193 hp 4, Automatic 9.3 s 180 km Petrol 12.0 l
Ford Mustang 1995 - 1996
  2 147 hp 4, Automatic 9.3 s 180 km Petrol 9.3 l
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