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When you consider about the Ford Ranger model, it was always treated as the one with chunky pick-up along with the classic style. Even though this model was not curvy like the Mitsubishi L200 because of the sticky formula of boxy made it as looking good for traveling out on the road as the best one. It was featured with the sturdy board as designed with strong plastics along with the simple and efficient controls for the stereo and air-conditioning systems. But, the VW Amarok model overcame this model because of the car-like cabin it had. In order to come up with the driving position as very easy one, this model was designed with the electric seat controls along with the higher spec models and the adjustment reach for steering wheel as efficient one compared to Toyota Hilux. The hand-brake of this model was sticking out of the dashboard, which was treated as the worst part of the cabin.

If you have the opinion a Ford Ranger was the model same as the Land Rover Discovery to drive, then it would be better to go through the reassessment of the model. When you consider about the ride in this car, it was very bouncy one because of the bed at the back that was available with the very stiff suspension in order to support heavy loads like all other pickups. Even though you drive the car with the requirements of many turns of the lock in order to direct at low speeds, the steering of the car was still light enough and the direct one. The Ranger was treated as the model with reasonably agile one on the country road.

Even though this model was producing quite a lot of wind noise on the motorway because of the brick-like aerodynamics structure, the Ranger was treated as sharper one to drive compared to the Nissan Navara and the Mitsubishi L200 models. When you consider about the engine of this model, it was designed as the 148 bhp 2.2 liter along with the four-cylinder diesel. Even though the engine was not powerful as the one compared to the Nissan Navara, it was quite smooth and punchy one because of the lots of low-end shoves available for towing purposes. The Ranger model was treated as a strong performer along with the switchable four-wheel drive, which was available with the options of locking differentials and the low-range mode as suitable for descending and climbing the steep hills and also the 800mm wading depth. All these things made this model as the best in class one on the off-road.

When you have decided to drive with the sturdy and big pick-up, then it would be better to opt with the Ranger that could offer you with loads of standard safety equipment in order to make you feel safe. This model was featured with rear parking sensors for the negotiation of tight parking spots, seven airbags and also the ISOFIX mounting point options for the child seats. The Ford Ranger was the very first pick-up model to be awarded with the full five-stars from Euro NCAP crash testing. It was also included with the traction control and some of the models in this series also got with the cruise control. Even though this model was an exclusive one, it did not feature with the Driver Power Survey. This model was basically designed for the purpose of hard-working along with the mechanism of robustness, which could not cause any major issues.

The best and most efficient things about the Ford Ranger model were abilities of load carrying and not the passenger carrying one. Even though this model was designed as Double Cab versions, there was not enough space inside the car. But, there was a break between the rear spaces in the back seats along with the closest rivals as the fairly narrow bench. All the Ford Ranger models were designed with the same load bed including the height and weight, but the length of these models may be varying one. The Single Cab model had the length as the most and the Double Cab had the least length. Compared to the rivals such as the Nissan Navara, the Ranger was available with more space that was able to carry out a huge payload of even up to 1,152 kg or tow that was closer to three tonnes.

A table of all modifications of Ford model Ranger Double Cab

Total modifications: 10
Model name Body type Door Po- wer Trans- mission 0-100 km Max spd Fuel Fuel rate
Ford Ranger Double Cab 2012 - PRESENT
2.2 TDCi Limited
  4 150 hp 6, Manual 0.0 s 0 km Diesel 0.0 l
2.2 TDCi Limited
  4 150 hp 6, Automatic 0.0 s 0 km Diesel 0.0 l
2.2 TDCi XL
  4 150 hp 6, Manual 0.0 s 0 km Diesel 0.0 l
2.2 TDCi XLT
  4 150 hp 6, Manual 0.0 s 0 km Diesel 0.0 l
3.2 TDCi Limited
  4 200 hp 6, Manual 0.0 s 0 km Diesel 0.0 l
3.2 TDCi Wildtrak
  4 200 hp 6, Manual 0.0 s 0 km Diesel 0.0 l
3.2 TDCi Wildtrak
  4 200 hp 6, Automatic 0.0 s 0 km Diesel 0.0 l
Ford Ranger Double Cab 2011 - PRESENT
2.5 TDCi Ambiente
  4 143 hp 5, Manual 12.5 s 158 km Diesel 9.3 l
2.5 TDCi Limited
  4 143 hp 5, Manual 12.5 s 158 km Diesel 9.3 l
3.0 TDCi Limited
  4 156 hp 5, Automatic 13.3 s 170 km Diesel 10.2 l
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