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Released in 1985, the Legend Sedan saw a minor facelift two years after its release in 1987. This change simply was small and was largely based within the car. This included a redesigning of the center console, along with the dashboard. Furthermore, the finishings for the trim level were also changed so that they acquired a more luxurious and posh look. This sedan saw a redesigning, so that it could be made more competitive to the sedans of that time, which included those manufactured by Toyota and Nissan.

This Legend Sedan was known as the Super Legend and belonged to the second generation of the sedans produced at that time by Honda. It was nicknamed so, because it had a big engine, as well as the fact that it had features that were much better than the other vehicles in the market at that time. These features included the collision safety features, along with the feature of airbags for passengers. The car also had different trim levels, which included Alpha and Beta. Alpha was released as the top-end version, while Beta was the low-end version. The Alpha version in Japan also had a navigation system, something was not popular and commonplace at that time as it is today.

The third generation of the sedan also saw significant changes, which included the increase in the size of the engine to 3.5 litres. However, the horsepower remained the same at 215. The new sedan was marketed with a new name, known as E-KA9. Another version or a trim level model was also introduced, which was known as "Euro". This was the base model. The other luxurious model was known as "Exclusive". In the third generation, nearly all the features of the car were redesigned and upgraded. In 1998, redesigning to the third generation occurred in the form of a facelift.

Honda Legend model of the 2006 is considered part of the fourth generation, but with a facelift. However, the facelift did not have any major changes, but only small ones, which included the installation of a backup camera embedded on the rear bumper. Other modifications included the fact that the car no longer had a front-wheel drive, but rather a four-wheel drive. This new drive system was named the SH-AWD, and because of this, the Legend won a major award, known as the Car of the Year in Japan.

Honda was also to present a new Legend facelift in 2009 at the Moscow Motor Show. This newest model responded to the different feedbacks provided by customers in response to the current model. There were significant changes, which included a change in the exterior design of the car. This was through modifications made in the front wings, boot lid, lights, bonnet and bumpers, along with the use of standard 18-inch wheels. There were significant changes in the technical side of the vehicle, as well. This took into account using a new 3.7 V6 engine under the hood, along with the addition of VTEC to the exhaust valves. Furthermore, the engine now includes a 5-speed automatic gearbox, which is sequential in nature.

A table of all modifications of Honda model Legend

Total modifications: 10
Model name Body type Door Po- wer Trans- mission 0-100 km Max spd Fuel Fuel rate
Honda Legend 2008 - 2010
  4 295 hp 6, Sequential automatic 7.1 s 250 km Petrol 11.6 l
Honda Legend 2006 - 2008
  4 295 hp 6, Sequential automatic 7.3 s 250 km Petrol 11.9 l
Honda Legend 1998 - 2005
3.5i V6
  4 205 hp 4, Automatic 9.3 s 224 km Petrol 12.2 l
Honda Legend 1996 - 1998
3.5i V6
  4 205 hp 4, Automatic 9.1 s 215 km Petrol 12.2 l
Honda Legend 1991 - 1996
3.2i V6
  4 205 hp 5, Manual 8.1 s 223 km Petrol 10.8 l
3.2i V6
  4 205 hp 4, Automatic 8.8 s 223 km Petrol 10.5 l
Honda Legend 1989 - 1991
2.7i 24V
  4 169 hp 5, Manual 8.8 s 213 km Petrol 10.1 l
2.7i 24V
  4 169 hp 4, Automatic 9.4 s 207 km Petrol 11.1 l
Honda Legend 1987 - 1990
2.5i 24V
  4 173 hp 5, Manual 8.0 s 210 km Petrol 9.5 l
2.5i 24V
  4 173 hp 4, Automatic 0.0 s 207 km Petrol 9.8 l
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