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The Infiniti G Convertible Cabrio has the refined ability to stand out because of it excellent curves along with the bold looks. The car has wing-mounted headlights, along with a bulging bonnet, as well as a scream aggression of 19 inch made from ten-spoke alloys. The downside of this car is that it is available in a set of conservative colors, which definitely undermines the fact that it is targeted for the age group. You will find the interior, which is made up of leather and has a brushed aluminum trimming and has dark plastics quite luxurious.

The Infiniti G Convertible does not do well on bumpy roads, offering a hard ride. Even though it has a heavy reinforcement to the chassis, there is considerable amount of weight of the vehicle, giving a bad body twist to the car. Nevertheless, the steering is quite direct, so you will find some amount of pleasure while you are driving. It has a V6 3.7-litre engine, which is quite decent, and has a running speed of 0-64 within 6.4 seconds. Of course, you will have to work hard to get the maximum 316 bhp.

This car has not undergone the NCAP crash test. However, it comes with six standard airbags, along with head restraints, which are able to go forward in an event of an accident, so that whiplash injuries can be minimized, along with a pop-system, which is able to cushion the pedestrians in case of an accident. All these systems combine together, making the car safe. This car had the Advanced Award for road safety innovation due to the Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) system, which was able to procure numerous benefits. The convertible does not have this technology, but it has the advantage of electronic stability, along with traction controls.

The other convertibles which are four-seaters in this category do not offer as much legroom as this car does. Taller people may find that they will have to bend their necks, when the roof is closed, but they would still find it comfortable. The more space for legroom means that the boot does not have a lot of storage space. In fact, when the roof is not up, then the luggage carrying potential of the car completely vanishes. The G Cabrio car has a hard top, which makes it an all-weather solution, along with the fact that it can completely drown out road noise, especially if compared to the traditional fabric roof. It is also able to provide better insulation especially in cases of extreme temperatures.

A table of all modifications of Infiniti model G Cabrio

Total modifications: 4
Model name Body type Door Po- wer Trans- mission 0-100 km Max spd Fuel Fuel rate
Infiniti G Cabrio 2009 - PRESENT
G37 Cabrio GT Premium
  2 320 hp 7, Sequential automatic 6.4 s 250 km Petrol 11.4 l
Infiniti G Cabrio 2009 - 2011
G37 Cabrio GT
  2 320 hp 6, Manual 6.2 s 250 km Petrol 11.9 l
G37 Cabrio GT
  2 320 hp 7, Sequential automatic 6.4 s 250 km Petrol 11.4 l
G37 Cabrio GT Premium
  2 320 hp 6, Manual 6.2 s 250 km Petrol 11.9 l
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