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When you go through the Jaguar XK, it is really a beautiful car and the convertible version looks as the best in the case of French Riviera compared to other Jaguar models. It has the traditional fabric electric roof with great look as elegant one compared to the folding metal roof of the Mercedes SL, even though the long and low bonnet and pert tail are derived from the coupe version. Without any doubt, all these efficient things make you get admired. Even though the Mercedes SL and BMW 6 Series have been designed with the high quality interiors, the Jaguar model can beat them with emotion.

The Jaguar XK convertible can be able to go with the wind-in-the-hair motoring, which is not available in many cars. It is also a very fast car indeed because of the 380bhp 5.0 liter V8 and a 0-60 mph time of 5.2 seconds option. Even you can hear more of its note regarding the glorious engine with the help of roof down. Compared to Mercedes SL, it can offer the handling as just the best as the coupe because of the sharp steering, agility and lots of grip along with more involving drive. It also provides an easy to drive option through cruises and a slick six-speed automatic gearbox at very high speed.

The reliability of Jaguar models becomes more and more as the years go by. In the Auto Express Driver Power Survey, the Jaguar XK did not fail because of the sales of enough models and got with the ranking at 47 out of 100. But, the clear reliability is still not treated as the strong point of Jaguar. It is very safe because of the lots of airbags, a pop-up pedestrian-protecting bonnet, and traction and stability control.

The Jaguar XK Convertible is a two seater really along with the best rear seats to provide an extra luggage space. In the case of more expensive Maserati Gran Cabrio, it has been designed with the seat for two adults in the back. It has the space behind the rear seats through which the electric roof can be folded in around 20 seconds. This car is designed with the buffeting facility as low on the move with the rear wind deflector. The roof mechanism of this car has been derived from the boot space over Coupe and it doesn't have any hatchback for easy loading. But, both models are created with as much room as the average supermini and hence there is still space available for some squashy bags and golf clubs as the best.

A table of all modifications of Jaguar model XK Convertible

Total modifications: 14
Model name Body type Door Po- wer Trans- mission 0-100 km Max spd Fuel Fuel rate
Jaguar XK Convertible 2012 - PRESENT
XKR-S Convertible
  2 550 hp 6, Sequential automatic 4.4 s 300 km Petrol 12.3 l
Jaguar XK Convertible 2011 - PRESENT
5.0 V8
  2 385 hp 6, Sequential automatic 5.6 s 250 km Petrol 11.2 l
5.0 V8 Portfolio
  2 385 hp 6, Sequential automatic 5.6 s 250 km Petrol 11.2 l
XKR Convertible 5.0 V8 Supercharged
  2 510 hp 6, Sequential automatic 4.8 s 250 km Petrol 12.3 l
Jaguar XK Convertible 2009 - 2011
XK 5.0 V8 Convertible
  2 385 hp 6, Sequential automatic 5.6 s 250 km Petrol 11.2 l
XK 5.0 V8 Convertible Portfolio
  2 385 hp 6, Sequential automatic 5.6 s 250 km Petrol 11.2 l
XKR 5.0 V8 Supercharged Convertible
  2 510 hp 6, Sequential automatic 4.8 s 250 km Petrol 12.3 l
Jaguar XK Convertible 2007 - 2009
XK 3.5 Convertible
  2 258 hp 6, Sequential automatic 7.6 s 238 km Petrol 11.3 l
Jaguar XK Convertible 2006 - 2009
XK 4.2 Convertible
  2 300 hp 6, Sequential automatic 6.3 s 250 km Petrol 11.3 l
XKR Convertible
  2 420 hp 6, Sequential automatic 5.3 s 250 km Petrol 12.3 l
Jaguar XK Convertible 2002 - 2006
XK8 Convertible
  2 300 hp 6, Automatic 6.6 s 250 km Petrol 11.4 l
XKR Convertible
  2 400 hp 6, Automatic 5.6 s 250 km Petrol 12.5 l
Jaguar XK Convertible 1998 - 2002
XKR Convertible
  2 375 hp 5, Automatic 5.6 s 250 km Petrol 12.7 l
Jaguar XK Convertible 1996 - 2002
XK8 Convertible
  2 294 hp 5, Automatic 7.0 s 250 km Petrol 11.8 l
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