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Mitsubishi Pajero can be included within the category of utility automobiles and it is well known the fact that it is produced by Mitsubishi Motors. The way in which this car got its name is by considering the name of Leopardus Pajeros. This is not the only name this car has received since it was firstly released on market because it has been sold on various markets worldwide where numerous alternatives have been considered when it came to its name. Such alternatives are: Mitsubishi Montero and Mitsubishi Shogun. 2006 is the year when the selling process of this car stopped in the US but it was still sold worldwide.

Such names as Shogun, Pajero and Montero have been very well received by clients and for this reason they have also been used with other cars as well. A few examples in this case are: Pajero Junior, Pajero iO, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport as well as Mitsubishi Shogun and Montero Sport. Land Rover Discovery is known to be the main rival of this model together with other models such as Land Cruiser Prado and Toyota making the competition tough for Mitsubishi's model on the market.

A first prototype of the Pajero model was released in 1973. The occasion for this event was the Tokyo Motor Show. 1978 is the year when a second prototype was presented by the manufacturers and the main purpose in the case of this model was the creation of a recreational type of car and not necessarily an SUV.

In 1983 at the famous Dakar Rally in Paris the first model of Pajero vehicles made an entrance on the market. It gained first place two years later. It is considered a very successful automobile when it comes to the Rally which is very important when it comes to sales.

A table of all modifications of Mitsubishi model Pajero

Total modifications: 8
Model name Body type Door Po- wer Trans- mission 0-100 km Max spd Fuel Fuel rate
Mitsubishi Pajero 1997 - 2000
2.5 TD GLX
  3 99 hp 5, Manual 19.6 s 147 km Diesel 10.9 l
2.8 TD GLS
  3 125 hp 5, Manual 16.8 s 155 km Diesel 11.3 l
3.0 V6 GLSi 24V
  3 177 hp 5, Manual 11.1 s 170 km Petrol 13.5 l
Mitsubishi Pajero 1994 - 1997
3.0 V6 GLSi 24V
  3 181 hp 5, Manual 11.1 s 170 km Petrol 13.2 l
Mitsubishi Pajero 1993 - 1994
3.0 V6 GLXi Soft Top
  3 150 hp 4, Automatic 0.0 s 165 km Petrol 13.5 l
Mitsubishi Pajero 1991 - 1997
2.5 TD GLX
  3 99 hp 5, Manual 16.4 s 147 km Diesel 10.9 l
Mitsubishi Pajero 1991 - 1994
2.5 TD GL
  3 99 hp 5, Manual 16.4 s 147 km Diesel 10.9 l
3.0 V6 GLSi
  3 150 hp 5, Manual 12.5 s 165 km Petrol 13.7 l
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