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The Lexus CT 200h which had five doors was supposed to rival the established companies such as the Audi A3 and the BMW 1 series, but it was unable to do so because of its fussy detailing, along with its bland style. The wheel arches are not able to do justice to the alloy wheels measuring 17 inches. Along with that, the rear windscreen which is wraparound does not coordinate with the rest of the styling of the car. However, because of its slipper profile that gives a low drag shape, which leads to better economy; this car has managed to do well. Along with that, there is a choice of different trims which includes the SE-1, SE-L and SE-L Premier Trims, which means that there are different price ranges, as well.

The hybrid drive-train dominates the driving experience of individuals. This structuring of the car is able to provide excellent all-electric progress which leads to fewer emissions at speeds up to 30 mph, provided that there is enough charge in the batteries. The quiet operation of this car is its actual appeal. You just need to press the accelerator slightly and the 1.8-liter engine will just fire up. When there is hard acceleration, the CVT gearbox is able to hold the revs high.

This particular brand has been established because of the fact that it provides high reliability along with excellent build quality. Therefore, the CT 200h is no different since it has no hassles. Furthermore, the safety standards in this car are excellent. You will find that the baby Lexus also has knee airbags for both the driver and the individual on the passenger seat. There is stability control fitted as standard along the entire trim levels. You will find that the entire Lexus range has high interior quality, but the CT200h is not that excellent when it comes to the inside.

The hatchback body may fool someone to think that there is a lot of space in the car, but this is not the case, which is precisely why the car is disappointing. There is enough space for four adults in the cabin, along with the fact that there is some room at the back, but you will find that the C-pillars and the privacy glass do not allow the light to filter through which makes the interior feel smaller. The most disappointing feature is the fact that the storage space is quite less, because there is only space of 375 liters, although this is measured to the roofline and not according to the roller-blind style load cover.

A table of all modifications of Lexus model CT

Total modifications: 7
Model name Body type Door Po- wer Trans- mission 0-100 km Max spd Fuel Fuel rate
Lexus CT 2012 - PRESENT
200h Hybrid Business Edition
  5 99 hp Variator 10.3 s 180 km Petrol 4.1 l
Lexus CT 2011 - PRESENT
200h Hybrid
  5 99 hp Variator 10.3 s 180 km Petrol 3.8 l
200h Hybrid Business Line
  5 99 hp Variator 10.3 s 180 km Petrol 4.1 l
200h Hybrid Business Line Pro
  5 99 hp Variator 10.3 s 180 km Petrol 4.1 l
200h Hybrid F-Sport Line
  5 99 hp Variator 10.3 s 180 km Petrol 4.1 l
200h Hybrid Luxury Line
  5 99 hp Variator 10.3 s 180 km Petrol 4.1 l
Lexus CT 2011 - 2011
200h Hybrid First Edition
  5 99 hp Variator 10.3 s 180 km Petrol 4.1 l
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