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Audi 90 was a well known European car throughout North America in the 1980's. The 90 was made available as a convertible, coupe, station wagon and a sedan all over its history though the Sedan was the most favored option of all. All the model's cars had a standard all wheel drive suspension and an option of having the Quattro system too. Though Audi cannot bet earned as the fastest cat though it provided options of luxurious interiors and a distinctive look which rather appealed the United States market.

The Audi 90 version released in 1993 featured a 172 hp, 2.8 litre, V6 engine made available with a five speed manual transmission or a four speed automatic one. The fuel economy provided was excellent by the automatic version at 18/26 mpg. The specifications though listed it as a five seater though it was easier said than done as the car was rather cramped. The difference between Audi 80 and 90 were of having updated features and stronger engines.

Audi 90 was introduced in 1984 as an enhanced version of the 80 and even though cars of the previous models were available , the new option delivered the choice of more refined outer features, a different grille in the front, and of course more stronger and powerful engine options. !984 marked even more differentiable differences between the 80 and 90 models. Eventually 90's gained a name for itself and the 80's model's production was discontinued in the North America in the year 1992. The Audi 90 was also removed from production in 1992 and the place was taken over by the Audi A4 as the well known luxury mid size sedan among the new Audi line up.

The after models of the 90's were made available in three different trims featuring a standard one, another with enhanced CS feature with added electronic appeals and a refined interior along with CS Quattro Sport. The third trim was the all wheel suspension version of the Audi 90's model which was popular for use in certain weathers even though the car provided only 170 horsepower. Since in the last trim Audi makers were not interested in providing power so the latter two options were more preferred.

A table of all modifications of Audi model 90

Total modifications: 12
Model name Body type Door Po- wer Trans- mission 0-100 km Max spd Fuel Fuel rate
Audi 90 1990 - 1991
2.3 E 20V
  4 170 hp 5, Manual 8.6 s 220 km Petrol 9.6 l
2.3 E 20V
  4 170 hp 4, Automatic 0.0 s 0 km Petrol 0.0 l
Audi 90 1989 - 1991
2.3 E 20V Quattro
  4 170 hp 5, Manual 8.4 s 220 km Petrol 10.2 l
Audi 90 1987 - 1991
2.0 E
  4 116 hp 5, Manual 10.2 s 196 km Petrol 8.4 l
2.3 E
  4 136 hp 5, Manual 8.9 s 206 km Petrol 8.8 l
2.3 E
  4 136 hp 3, Automatic 11.5 s 202 km Petrol 9.5 l
2.3 E Quattro
  4 136 hp 5, Manual 8.9 s 206 km Petrol 9.4 l
Audi 90 1984 - 1986
  4 115 hp 5, Manual 9.5 s 187 km Petrol 8.6 l
  4 115 hp 3, Automatic 11.7 s 181 km Petrol 9.4 l
  4 136 hp 5, Manual 8.6 s 200 km Petrol 9.0 l
  4 136 hp 3, Automatic 10.5 s 196 km Petrol 9.6 l
2.2 Quattro
  4 136 hp 5, Manual 9.0 s 200 km Petrol 9.8 l
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