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Audi's attempt to rival its competitor the Aston Martin V8 Vintage and the Porsche 911 was seen in the face of its first super car the Audi R8. The model underwent a mid life design change in the end of 2012. These changes included the installation of more equipments, slight cosmetic changes, introducing of an efficient automatic seven speed dual clutch gearbox and addition of brand new range topping 543 bhp V10 plus model which is more driver focused. These V10 models bear a 5.2 litre Lamborghini derived engine whereas the V8 models still use the old 4.2 litre engine of the Audi RS4. Each version of the R8 offers brilliant performance along with offering easy everyday usability as its younger sibling the Audi TT. The R8 bears an engine cover made of glass which reflects the mighty power plants further proving that R8 is all set to give tough competition to its more reputable supercar rivals.

By the looks R8 is every bit a supercar with its low slung and wide body. It presents a far more aggressive stance compared to a Porsche 911 and can easily compete even more expensive rivals such as Lamborghini and Ferrari in the road presence as well. All R8 models come with standard LED rear indicators that sweep in the turn direction and LED daytime running lights. The R8 V10 model are equipped with the special "Y" 19 inch alloy design of the wheels and far more prominent side blades whereas the V10 plus has them made out of carbon fibre along with the rear diffuser, the front splitter and the surrounds of the door mirror.

If you judge based on the driving experience both the R8 models offer a superior experience. Even the manual version of 424 bhp V8 accelerated from 0-62 mph in only 4.6 seconds bringing it in par with Porsche's 911 Carrera S. The V10 version of 518 bhp performs the sprint in 3.9 seconds whereas the plus version of the V10 equipped with Audi's latest S tronic automatic seven speed accelerates in only 3.5 seconds from 0-62. The R8 goes round the bends perfectly thanks to the well weighted and direct steering equaling its quality to the Aston V8 Vantage. Through adding in the option of the Magnetic ride dampers the ride comfort and body control is further improved.

Since R8 is an Audi make, the reliability and the build quality are superb like always. In contrast to its competitors Ferrari and Aston Martin, Audi's make offers daily usability resembling the A3. The safety features include airbags and built in protection for side impacts. Additionally, the system Quattro four wheel drive and the Standard ESP equals R8 to be a tremendously surefooted ride.

The experience of owning a supercar seldom comes with practicality included however R8 does not support the trend. The seats have enough space to fit in a couple of golf club sets behind them and to mention the 100 litres nose space to store luggage which may be quite enough to spend a weekend out. The low slung shape of the R8 may make getting in the car somewhat tricky however once you are in, it is the most comfortable experience. The controls inside are very easy to use and are very well laid out. Using the manual metal gated gearbox is equally pleasuring if not possibly the fastest gear to change.

A table of all modifications of Audi model R8

Total modifications: 12
Model name Body type Door Po- wer Trans- mission 0-100 km Max spd Fuel Fuel rate
Audi R8 2012 - PRESENT
4.2 FSI quattro
  2 430 hp 6, Manual 4.6 s 302 km Petrol 14.2 l
4.2 FSI quattro
  2 430 hp 7, Sequential automatic 4.3 s 300 km Petrol 12.4 l
5.2 FSI Plus quattro
  2 550 hp 6, Manual 3.8 s 319 km Petrol 14.9 l
5.2 FSI Plus quattro
  2 550 hp 7, Sequential automatic 3.5 s 317 km Petrol 12.9 l
5.2 FSI quattro
  2 525 hp 6, Manual 3.9 s 316 km Petrol 14.9 l
5.2 FSI quattro
  2 525 hp 7, Sequential automatic 3.6 s 314 km Petrol 13.1 l
Audi R8 2011 - PRESENT
4.2 FSI quattro
  2 430 hp 6, Manual 4.6 s 302 km Petrol 14.2 l
4.2 FSI quattro
  2 430 hp 6, Sequential automatic 4.6 s 302 km Petrol 13.4 l
Audi R8 2009 - PRESENT
5.2 FSI quattro
  2 525 hp 6, Manual 3.9 s 316 km Petrol 14.9 l
5.2 FSI quattro
  2 525 hp 6, Sequential automatic 3.9 s 316 km Petrol 13.9 l
Audi R8 2007 - 2011
4.2 FSI quattro
  2 420 hp 6, Manual 4.6 s 301 km Petrol 14.6 l
4.2 FSI quattro
  2 420 hp 6, Sequential automatic 4.6 s 301 km Petrol 13.6 l
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